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OUR MISSION is to provide you with the parts and services you need when you need them.  AP4 is driven to make life simple in the complex world of industrial gas turbines maintenance & spares.  Since 1993 our distribution company, AP+M, has stocked and distributed more than 15,000 SKUs of genuine OEM parts.  Our parts distribution services are now complimented by a full range of component repair and overhaul services.  Our field services division, AP4 Services, offer comprehensive maintenance on both aeroderivative and heavy-duty gas turbines by highly skilled and OEM trained engineers specializing in gas turbine, generator and steam turbine controls, excitation and mechanical field services.

AP4 Services was formed through the merger of Turbine Controls & Excitation Group, Inc. with Aero Controls & DLE Consultants, Inc. to form a dynamic aeroderivative and Frame gas and steam turbine field service team with more than 30 years of experience.  AP+M and AP4 Services - a powerful combination of parts, repair, and field service expertise.

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A Company involved in servicing, maintenance and repairs of engines, prime movers, and exhaust gas turbochargers.

◎    Assured plant availability and operational security
◎    Relief of company's own maintenance resources
◎    Improved operating conditions
◎    Transparent costs

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